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Our Environmental Mission Statement

Here at thesecretbnb we recognise and take seriously the small but important part that we play in protecting our environment for future generations and to help protect the long-term sustainability of the Tourism Industry.

During the time that we have run our bnb we have made some significant changes and alterations to the way we do things, especially in trying to radically reduce our single use plastic consumption


Changes already made:


Breakfasts (Bronze Continental)

  • Swapping out 1 litre plastic milk containers for reusable glass bottles (just like the old days!)

  • We have done the same to the single use yoghurt cartons, again we now buy half litre tubs of yoghurt & decant portions into small reusable glass Mason jars

  • We have stopped serving fresh fruit juice in plastic cartons in favour of buying juice in larger recyclable cartons & decanting the required amount into glass bottles

  • Plastic straws have been retired; we only use paper

  • Jam is now decanted into miniature glass Mason jars, as we have done away with providing individual jam portions that come in non-recyclable plastic tubs

  • We have moved from placing expensive & unnecessary 2 x 500ml plastic water bottles in our Guest rooms, we now  offer water in reusable glass bottles with the slogan ‘Perfectly Drinkable Tap Water’ etched on the front



  • We now provide shower gel, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner in refillable glass pump jars, instead of single use mini tubes



  • Our washing machine is AAA rated.

  • We no longer tumble dry the bedding & towels, we now use heated air dryers which uses 85% less electricity to dry your laundry

  • Our cleaning materials are as environmentally friendly as possible

  • We actively minimize the use of paper in the office and re-use and recycle all paper where possible.

  • We feed the local birds & ducks with any appropriate leftover breakfast foods

  • and we always reuse, reduce, and recycle our paper, glass, plastic, card and tins



We encourage our Guests to play their part too - You can help by:

  • Turning off all lights and electrical equipment when leaving your room

  • If the heating is on, please close your window, or turn down the heating. We try to only use the heating when it is necessary, but if Guests feel the cold, there is an economical electric heater in each room, plus extra duvets & blankets. We will always put the central heating  on if Guests expressly ask us to

  • Respect the environment during your stay 

  • Please help us to support and care for our environment!


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